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Simran Tambe is native of Nagpur.  She has done her Masters in MBA with specialization in marketing and human resources. Being major in Marketing her sales internship made her fall head over heels for the street food. Besides being a good student, she is also a good cook. In family of four Simran is the youngest, her close relationship with her AAI, made her learn and experiment with food. As Nagpur is famous for oranges, spicy food and many entrepreneurs in food industry, it is also famous for some delighted and blissful street food. Simran has experienced her love for food ever since childhood, her visit to Kasturchand Park on every sunday’s with her father for having Tari-Poha is a nostalgic ride.  The streets of Nagpur are full of surprises, she knew this city has lot much to offer in food whether it be newly developed Chatori Street or very old Food stalls near wholesale market Gandhibaag, she has tried and tasted every type of cuisine offered by streets of Nagpur.

Simran’s love for food transformed into passion when she went for her first family trip outside Nagpur. Her visit to places like Mumbai, Kolhapur, Pune, Hyderabad and many more developed a new passion for trying new kind of food offered by new places. Her bucket list is all about visiting as many counties as possible to try as much food as she can and explore good and bad about the things offered by different people living in different horizons. is her attempt to share her experiences and introduce you with the places you wish you may visit. As Indian street food is all about “same- same but different” perspective it’s her attempt to provide you with the best served street food.

As per famous chef ERMA BOMBECK says, “be an explorer of food” Simran follows this quote in her personal life. According to her, she believes “you are what you eat”, it doesn’t matter where you belong from if your taste buds absorbs all kind of flavour you will get along with your life easily, and as per foodies says, the best places are not which have great monuments or history, its which have great food culture. So, Simran invites you to join along in her journey to explore random streets with best food for everyone.


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