5 fun facts about Kulfi.

Take a drive to your childhood, it’s 5 o clock and you are tired after playing hard with your friends. You are craving for something cool and sweet, you just heard a ting-ting sound of the bell, you slowly turn back and there comes Kulfiwala,  carrying various flavors in his huge earthen pot, it may differ as some vendors may carry it on there vendor’s cart in big thermocol box, but that’s not important. What is important is the sweet and little bit salty taste of the kulfi. It’s so nostalgic, as nowadays it has become difficult to eat than before. However, this 5rs. Dessert was love for me in my childhood.  I mean I was a huge fan of Kulfi, and always preferred Kulfi over Ice-cream as it was more natural and flavourful than ice-cream but, that’s my personal opinion. Usually, kulfi is consumed in summers, but if you crave dessert after a heavy meal then, kulfi is a must-try dessert for you.
Kulfi is nothing but a frozen dessert created by evaporating sweeten milk like condensed milk/ heavy cream milk, then adding sugar and a little bit of salt to it, and also adding some nuts and flavors to it. However, streetyfood.com provides you with some fun facts about kulfi hoping you will surely try one after reading this:

fun facts of kulfi

infographic credit: https://www.canva.com/templates/?query=ice-cream-infographics

icons and pics credit: flaticon.com

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