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Best Street Food in Nagpur.

Nagpur is a city of Oranges. It is the winter capital of Maharashtra. It is situated in the northeast part of Maharashtra. t is considered to be one of the hottest states in Maharashtra. Besides, its geographical conditions Nagpur is also popular for the exceptionally hot, spicy, and best street food. You must wonder, why people eat such hot and spicy food in such a hot and unpredictable climate, the reason behind this is, the spiciness of the food in a hot climate helps to eliminate all the toxins from the body in form of sweat. So, the best street food served is hot and spicy.,

Believe it or not, the food served on the streets of Nagpur can make you feel more energetic and satisfied. This guide will help you to visit the right type of places to eat the right kind of food whenever you visit Nagpur. So, here is the list of best street food provided by Nagpur.

Nagpur city
Smart city Nagpur Logo



The piping hot couple is always on top of the list. Being a Nagpurian if you have never tasted Tari-Poha on the streets then you should be ashamed for living in Nagpur. there are many places where you can have this perfect match, but more considerable are Tari Poha Centers are:

  • Saburi Tari-poha and missal centre
  • Babulal’s Tari-Poha corner
  • Vicky Poha Wala.

Tari-Poha is the morning breakfast snack, it has the capacity to fill your stomach until lunchtime. It is considered to be the best street food because it is cheaper and has more quantity. In the Nagpuri language “isse saata aur accha koi nai.”

Tari-poha meme best street food in Nagpur
pic credit- Nagpurmemes

Pani puri and Chat

The most loved street food all across India is Panipuri, the name of Panipuri changes according to the region it is served in. For decades, panipuri is satisfying the urge of taste buds for many. The Nagpur’s Pani puri is made with piping hot Ragda, which you can always see on the stove at any Panipuri vendor stall, the water-filled in is mainly Khajoor ka pani or Pudina ka pani. But its, Nagpur here we do it differently, In Nagpur you will get Mineral water Pani puri to Bollywood Pani puri. The famous food stall who serve amazing and Unique Panipuries are:

fire Panipuri Best street food in Nagpur
Fire panipuri at Jain Chaska panipuri center




If you are heart core kadi fan, then I bet you must not skip this utterly delicious combination of kadi and Patodi. The savory pastry filled with spicy yet subtle coriander leaves, garnished with lots of thick Kadi is, spicy, hot yet tempting, and delicious. Many centers serve this dish but Zilla Patodi has a monopoly on this Street food in Nagpur.Patodi and Kadhi at Patodiwala’s Joint, near Nagpur Tehsil Office is the best place to have this soul-satisfying snack. Patodi in other words is also known as Sambar-Vadi, but this dish has little sweetness to it as crushed coconuts, rains, and sugar is added to it. Sambar- Vadi can be eaten with any kind of curry.  The Patodi of Nagpur is also rated No.1 street food of Nagpur by Radio city,

Patodi best street food in Nagpur


Matka Biryani

Different places in India have their own kind of Biryani. This Mughlai dish with proper use of Basmati Rice, any kind of Non-Veg and spices has won heart worldwide. Matka Biryani has a special kind of fan base in Nagpur. For having a Delicious and Authentic kind of biryani I usually wait for Ramzan month to start, otherwise, I have it from the usual places. Some of my Biryani Hangout places are:

Best Street Food in Nagpur
Laziz Affairs matka Biryani


Saoji Delicacies

Basically, Saoji is a community that was traditionally saree weavers, but due to change in fashion their business doomed and to come up with the second-best thing they had – cooking food. Saoji food is majorly Non-vegetarian food made with measured Saoji Spices in its own cooking patterns. Saoji food consists of a combination of 4 major masalas- 2 dry and 2 wets. one of the wet masalas consists of a paste of cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, and poppy seeds and the other has onion ginger garlic, and cumin paste. The dry masala has two categories the Bhukri masala with special 12 ingredients and Kala Masala with special 20 ingredients. The best place to have Saoji food in Nagpur are:

Best street food in Nagpur
Jagdish Bhojnalaya, all best-served Dishes.





Santra Barfi.

I know many have tried and tasted Santra Barfi. Many of them have various perceptions about it, some of them like it some of them find it overrated. The people who live in metropolitan cities in India order a huge amount of Santra Barfi or take away with them while they visit Nagpur. However, very few know that authentic Santra burfi, with real pulp and milk mixture filled in the whole outer surface of orange, is available only in the canteen of MLA Hostel. The very much demanded Santra Barfi in Nagpur is sold by Haldiram’s and Shree Heera Sweets.

santra barfi best street food in Nagpur
Santra Barfi



Nagpurian street food is incomplete without mentioning Paan. Paan plays an important cultural role in Nagpur. When two people get to engage their engagement is celebrated by giving Paan to one another. However, the traditional recipe of paan is now recreated and redeveloped by adding various spices and ingredients to it. In Nagpur, Paan shops are seen on every corner and in every Square. Its somehow difficult to name the best paan shop in Nagpur, some of my favorites are:

Paan best street food in Nagpur
Chocolate Paan, Ashirwad paan Parlor

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